Here, Kitty Kitty : Fun With DIY Nails

If you’re not familiar with nail decals, then I seriously suggest you get clued up on them- effortless nails that will draw attention and always always always look awesome. DIY Nails have some of the cutest decals out there, from cats to Breaking Bad to junk food, there’s something for everyone.

I went for the Here, Kitty decals (£6.00), complete with hearts and bows. I know, totally adorable.

I was a total nail decal virgin, but it’s easy peasy! Just take your time, and if you mess up, don’t worry because there’s 72 decals in each pack.

You will need:
Nail decals
Clear top coat


Once you have everything you need, you simply just cut out a few that you want, one by one dip them in water for about 10 seconds, then the decal will peel away from the backing paper. This is a bit fiddly, but it gets easier, you just need to be careful with it while you slide it onto your nail.


Once you have the decal in the desired position, add a clear top coat (I like OPI RapiDry), but any will do really.

And Voila!  These were the first ones I did to get the hang of them. I should also mention that it’s TOTALLY up to you whether you have your nails painted or not. I had a shellac manicure over a week ago and in true Gretchen fashion, I’ve managed to chip it (with a razor…while shaving my legs…how silly). This is OPI shellac and the colour is called ‘I Mainly Eat Lobster’, a lovely coral.

I think these would look pretty great over white nail polish!

When I got home from work, I decided that I needed to add a few more, so here’s what I ended up with! Part of the fun is actually playing around with the decals, and then getting compliments on them is the other part 😉

diy16 diy15

I’m already eyeing up a few more of the DIY Nail decals, I am hooked!

Let me know if any of you have tried this trend, I actually can’t believe I’ve turned up so late to this decal party!



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OOTD feat Asos

It’s been exactly 3 months since my last blog post, I do apologise, life just got in the way a bit. However, I am so shocked at the sheer number of views my little blog has had over my absence, and it’s totally spurred me on to update it, so thank you, whoever you lovely lot are!

The last few days have been beauuuuuutiful in the UK, summer has quite possibly arrived!

A couple of weeks ago I bought this crazy amazing wildlife print smock dress from Asos (£28.00), and I’ve been dying for the right weather to wear it! Seriously guys/animal lovers, check it out


This really is a statement dress, so I teamed it very simply with this wonderful mini satchel from Dorothy Perkins, unfortunately, they no longer seem to stock it, so I’ve linked you to one that it equally as lovely.

ootd6This day wasn’t particularly sunny, so a hat was perfect, and I swear by this Asos Boater hat (£13.50), it just takes the outfit up a style notch.


ootd4 ootd5


I have quite a few more posts up my sleeves, so keep coming back to check them out!

Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram (gretchencurran) or there’s a link just to the left!


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10 Beautiful Bags for under £50!

Here’s my pick of the 10 current best bags available on the high street, and all of them are under £50, lovely jubbly.
blogbag1Double Zip Holdall // TOPSHOP // £42.00

Okay, I know this bag bag may be a bit on the large side, but I carry EVERYTHING in my bag. At one time, I always had a pair of socks in my bag, you know, just in case.

blogbag2Navy Mini City Bag // ZARA // £39.99

Whether you work in the city or not, it’s always hard to resist a Zara bag!

blogbag3Woven Tassel Hobo Bag // F&F At Tesco // £15.00

Ain’t nothing ‘hobo’ about this bag!

blogbag4Fiorelli Hope Grab Bag // FIORELLI // £30.00 £20.00 ON SALE

This grab bag comes in three colours, and for every bag sold, £5.00 goes to Cancer Research! It’s a no brainer!

blogbag5Geometric Print Tote // RIVER ISLAND // £45.00

I’m fairly sure that I used to have a Barbie with a bag exactly like this! I am in love

blogbag9Black and White Wing Tote // DOROTHY PERKINS // £28.00

The inner Newcastle United fan in me just couldn’t resist this bag! If you’re not a NUFC fan, then don’t worry, monochrome is totally in!

blogbag6Nantego Bag // MONSOON // £45.00

I love things that look more expensive than they actually are, this bag is one of them. The design is beautiful, and I could probably fit a months worth of socks in that bag, it’s a winner from me!

blogbag8Sindy Shopper // OASIS // £38.00

The colour is everything here!

bloogbag7Shell Bag // ACCESSORIZE // £35.00

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?! This pastel pink shell bag is perfect for day or night, and we both know that you will be guaranteed compliments and jealous stares!

blogbag10Fighting Animal Testing Bag // LUSH // £6.95

Why not make a statement with your bag?! It’s under a tenner and let me tell you, the quality is amazing. Lush could see this bag for £20 and it would still be worth it. The message is an incredibly important one, so if you’re not going to stand on a street corner with a microphone or march in a protest, then let your bag do the talking!

I am a firm believer that a new hand bag can brighten even the worst mood. I find delight in cleaning out my bag and arranging it again – even if it only stays tidy for about a week! That’s my kind of therapy.

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MUA Cosmetics Amazing Velvetine Dupe

I have always been a believer that you get what you pay for. Buy a cheap product, and the chances are that it’s not going to be able to compete with the same product with a higher price tag. MUA Cosmetics are continuously proving me wrong, seriously, I have never found a fault with any of their products.

If you’ve never heard of MUA Cosmetics, then let me introduce you! You can find them online HERE, or if you’re in the UK then you can find them in Superdrug. They believe that great make up doesn’t have to cost the earth, so you will find most of their (amazing) products for £4 and under! I think they most expensive product I’ve seen is an eye shadow palette for £8, which is nothing really!

If you’ve never tried them because you’re a bit dubious and think the price is too good to be true, then I fully understand because I was just like you! You don’t really have anything to lose by trying, apart from maybe £1 for a lipstick.

Still not sold? Let’s try this, MUA ingredients and products are not tested on animals.

We all know that I adore my Lime Crime Velvetines, and I’m always on the look out for a decent dupe. Topshop really failed to match Lime Crime’s product (see HERE) so I was definitely curious when my cousin told me about MUA Cosmetics take on the velvetines.

And there they are! However, I am missing one, called ‘Kooky’ which is a purple colour because they didn’t have any left when I went in (devastated). These babies can be yours for just £3 each! So for £15 you can have 5 Velvet lip lacquers, compared to just one Lime Crime Velvetine for £14.50.

vell12 kooky

Look at how beautiful that Kooky purple lip lacquer is! Gutted they didn’t have it!

First up, Reckless. This colour is basically the Red Velvet Velvetine. The MUA velvet lacquer looks a bit darker, but they are just so similar, I was completely amazed!
vell6 vellve
Funk is your Pink Velvet dupe. I really didn’t expect such a close match, there’s such little difference between the two.

vell3 velleeee
Atomic would be a dupe for Suedeberry, but as I don’t have that one to compare to, I can’t show you. However, judging by the previous two colours, I fully believe Atomic would be just as close!


Criminal is a lovely bright pink, but because of the matte formula, you can wear it any time and it just works. I’ve been wearing this everyday, I can’t get enough of it, definitely my favourite!

I am so so happy with these, the application is exactly the same as the Velvetines, these take very slightly longer to dry, but it’s no problem. These don’t make my lips feel dry at all, they feel like velvet (duh). Obviously just remember to moisturise your lips, or use a sugar scrub before you put these on. As they’re matte, imperfections will show up, so if your lips were dry and cracked before, then they will only end up looking worse!

I’m very happy with the wear of these too, all of you who are regular users of the Velvetines will know that they just don’t budge! I wouldn’t say that these velvet lacquers will last all night, but I’ve been wearing them everyday and I have found that they’ve last hours and hours without me having to reapply! Today, I wore Criminal from 12-5 and only after my 3rd coffee did I notice that it was starting to rub away.

For £3, I am over the bloody moon! I’ve had more expensive lipsticks that have come away completely after one cup of tea!

Now, as a true lover of the Lime Crime Velvetines, I would never say not to buy one, I would actually encourage you to buy one. However, I would also encourage you to try these MUA Cosmetics dupes, like seriously encourage! I find that I don’t always wear my Velvetine because I don’t want it to run out, and at £14.50, I can’t always replace it at the drop of a hat. Whereas if I only have to pay £3 to replace one of these velvet lacquers, well happy days!

I simply can’t praise these products enough, they are the cat’s pyjamas, the bees knees, the dogs bollocks.

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No Boyfriend? No Problem!

If you’re single and feeling rubbish about the dreaded 14th of February, then fear not, I’ve got your back.


If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone to spend tomorrow with, then you can read this post while feeling slightly smug. If you don’t, then this post may just help you out!

Now I surely can’t be alone in saying that Valentines Day is mostly a girl thing, sure some of you may have partners that actually like V day and go all out and buy you something wonderful, take you out for a nice dinner, and do it because they actually want to, but you have yourself an exception to the rule.

I know from experience, that the build up to the 14th would consist of me dropping several hints a day, and trying not to build my hopes up for some incredible surprise, or even a ring. Lets be honest, most guys will buy things on Valentines day because they feel forced to, I don’t blame them. I grew up watching my mum get all sorts of presents from my dad, and watching my brothers go all out for their girlfriends, so naturally, I just expected to be spoilt rotten by my valentine. Seriously girls, don’t hold out hope and for goodness sake, do not watch ‘Valentines Day’ and expected Topher Grace to turn up at the last minute with a home made card and charming speech.


Seeing shops covered in pink and red hearts, chocolates, flowers, wines, more hearts, sexy underwear, cards and more hearts, is enough to make any one who’s planning on spending the 14th alone, feel very, well, alone. Don’t worry, lets look at this as an opportunity! Chocolate is slashed in price, I’m talking about a lovely big box of chocolates for a fiver, and countless deals on good wines, so go on, take advantage and spoil yourself!

Tomorrow night, you should be feeling empowered being alone, not letting yourself be enslaved by your single status.

Have a night out with the girls, or if you want to avoid all men, have a night in! Why not try something new, take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’re in London, then why not check out one of these events!

Head down to Proud Camden for the Official Foals After Party! Complete with an Instagram photo booth, this night is all about those who are looking for love, or those who have found hate!
At the HATE booth, there’s a true blood vibe where you’re encouraged to get your tattoos out, or get a temporary custom tattoo. Or you can visit the LOVE booth where you should be prepared to get covered in glitter, given a ‘single’ badge and be surrounded by love hearts.
£5.60 for tickets before 11pm, £11.20 after.

How does a Made In Chelsea bar crawl sound?! Yeah, pretty awesome. This is a chance for you and the girls to go to all the hottest bars in Chelsea, drink like the posh bird you are and maybe find your own Chelsea boy!
£18 for tickets.

How about sending something to your single gal pals? Channel negative energy into good and empower others who are feeling lonely on Valentines day!
vale vale2 vale3 vale4

Sometimes guys can really bloody suck, so just remember girls….

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January Favourites


It’s mid January so I thought it was a perfect time to let you all know my January favourites! These are the products that I have been and will continue using this month, they really are a cut above the rest!

Tresemme Platinum Strength Leave In Conditioner // £5.69
I have been using this leave in conditioner for about a year now, I rarely re-buy a product because I love to try others out, but I firmly believe that I can’t do better than this. I have tried leave in conditioners from Aussie Hair, Lee Stafford, Herbal Essences and Lush. I liked them all, but none have given the same INCREDIBLE HAIR CHANGING results. This products deserves to be written in capitals and have people should from the roof tops about how good it is! This product has absolutely saved me from giving up on my damaged hair and cutting it into a bob. It also gives you great smelling hair all day! Hooray!

Strawberry Balmi // £4.99
I came across this by chance in Boots the other day, there’s definitely some similarities between this and EOS’ famous lip balms, so I was interested to see how the two compared.
I love how beautiful EOS lip balms smell, the Balmi does not disappoint. I went for strawberry because I figured it was the safest one to go for- everyone likes strawberry! Oh, for those who don’t know, Balmi comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut and Mint. The application is super similar, but the Balmi is more of a pyramid shape; again, it’s the idea of not getting product on your finger and not wasting any that may get caught under your nails (long nailed gals will know what I’m talking about!) It’s small, convenient, lasts for ages, smells great and does the job.

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume // £46.99
I was lucky enough to get a set of this Perfume for my birthday from a very special friend, it’s also one that I had mentioned previously on my blog. I LOVE Marc Jacobs perfume bottle designs, those alone just brighten my mood! I think it’s important to have an uplifting, energising, sunny scent to kick those January blues!

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream // £5.00
It’s getting colder and none of us are getting any younger (sorry). This hand cream has the best of both worlds, it’s extremely moisturising, so perfect for when the cold wind dries out your skin, and it has SPF 15, to protect your hands from sun damage. This hand cream is actually aimed at mature skin and can help to reduce the appearance of brown spots, but it smells beautiful, and you’re never too young to start anti-ageing routines!

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara // £8.99
I have been banging on about this mascara for so long, it fully deserves its place in my top products for January! You can find my review of this mascara HERE

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser // £7.99
The same goes for this Primer. I’ve been trying it for about a week now, experimenting with different amounts and how it’s affecting my oily skin. My conclusion is, if you have oily skin like me, don’t wear it everyday, if you do, use it sparingly, especially on the corners of your nose and make sure you use a good face exfoliator on a night. You can read more about it HERE

Let me know what products you guys are using this January! Recommend me some of your favourites, I’m always looking for new things to try!

This is my 100th blog post! Hooray! Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog, I’m still amazed so many people read it! Thank you thank you thank you! 



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Who doesn’t love Joy?! If you’ve never heard of them, or never had a browse, then get your buts to the JOY website!

Everything the sell is adorable and very kitsch. Seriously, you’re purse will be hating me for introducing you to these guys!

To make things even sweeter, to the right of this post, there is a link (under COMPETITION). Click it and you will be entered into a prize drawer for a load of adorable goodies worth £184! They will also send you a code for 10% off you’re shop!

(Don’t click the picture below, it’s the link to the right of this post, you can’t miss it!)

joytthGood luck everyone!!

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